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From: George Read [George’s email address omitted]
Subject: Message to Members AGM Morningside
Date: September 27, 2008 4:47:17 PM MDT (CA)
To: George Read [George’s email address omitted]

Dear Alberta Greens member,

The Alberta Greens Annual General Meeting was held today in Morningside, Alberta. The executive convened the meeting but due to the number of concerns from the membership a motion to adjourn was introduced and accepted.

All business from the meeting will be moved to a future General Meeting where all members will have the opportunity to vote by mail or in person.

The meeting at Morningside did not allow mail in ballots and the notice of motion was not deemed to be sufficient by many members.

The executive acted to protect the best interests of the party.

While our intention was to respect those members who had worked to host the AGM, the executive felt duty bound to protect the interests of the members who could not be in attendance. The hall was packed with people who bought their memberships at the door and the stated intention of the large group was to change the constitution, replace the leadership and executive and to change the name of the party.

This would have effectively dissolved our party and started a new one.

I hope that you will support us as we move forward with building the Green Party in Alberta. Our little party is really growing up!

George Read
Leader, Alberta Greens