I’ve left the email formatting in place to maintain as much accuracy in this as possible. Private information (email addresses and phone numbers) have been omitted.

From: Executive, Alberta Greens [email address omitted]
Subject: Alberta Greens AGM - IMPORTANT update
Date: September 27, 2008 9:13:45 PM MDT (CA)
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;

Today, the Green Party of Alberta held the AGM at Morningside Community Centre. Due to a great deal of feedback from many members regarding the lack of sufficient notice to respond appropriately to a contentious constitutional amendment : http://www.albertagreens.ca/system/files/AllConstitutionMotions2.pdf ,
the meeting was postponed so that due notice, mail in ballots, and proxy votes could be made available to the general membership at the next meeting.

The intent of some members (as stated in a member email, subject line "We Need Your Support Tomorrow!", sent Friday, September 26, 2008 to select contacts) was "To make sure the agenda of the meeting is changed so that the Constitutional Motion for a Leadership Review, Executive Elections and the Constitutional Motion for a Party Name Change are placed first on the agenda", which would effectively form a new party.

None of this information had been provided to the general membership prior to the AGM.

Please see comments by the Leader, George Read at:
The executive remains unchanged until the next general meeting.
Please disregard any information from those who believe that they conducted the AGM without the current executive.
Please also report any unwanted email to your acting membership coordinator at [Kathy’s email address omitted] as there has been some inappropriate use of the Alberta Greens contact list. We apologize for the recent misuse of the membership list.

Alberta Greens Executive:
George Read, Leader
Susan Stratton, President
Kim Warnke, Deputy Leader South
Madeleine Oldershaw, Secretary
David Crowe, CFO
Kathy Burman, acting Membership Chair
Peter Johnston, Deputy Leader North