The 2008 Alberta Greens AGM issues

There is some controversy over what transpired in Morningside, Alberta, on September 27, 2008, at the time the Annual General Meeting of the Green Party of Alberta was scheduled.

Actions You Can Take

1) Renew your membership, or join the party

If you are not currently a member of the party, please sign by the end of this week (it's $10 per year). Last year's memberships expired on September 27, 2008, but memberships paid for in the 6 months prior to the next General Meeting (which has been set for November 29) will be considered valid, so you'll need to renew if you joined/renewed before March 30, 2008.

You can quickly sign up online, on the party’s website, with a credit card (VISA, MC).

2) Sign the Members Petition, and get others to, too

I've put out a petition, to be submitted to the party executive, calling for mail-in ballots to be used to allow the full membership of the party to decide the issues that are under controversy. You can download and print off the PDF of the petition (it needs to be in writing - an online petition won't do here, unfortunately).

Only paid-up members should be signing the petition, please.

3) Fill out and send in your mail-in ballots right away

The party executive have issued mail-in ballots. Please use yours to vote your conscience for the future of the party.

Background Information

I’ve posted a detailed overview, analysis and commentary on the issues around the 2008 AGM.

Here are some documents pertinent to the matter (that don’t seem to be available elsewhere online):

Other relevant links:

Media coverage: